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Herbs for Respiratory Health – Urban Moonshine

You can notice the change from the humid, vegetal smells of summer mornings to the crisp richness of autumn, at least here in Vermont. The dawn is much later too: now we step outside as the last stars fade, and the air has a trace of wood smoke from the first fires of the season. Source: Herbs for Respiratory Health – Urban Moonshine

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Herbal Medicine Cabinet – Urban Moonshine

MEET SOME MEDICINAL HERBS THAT CAN KEEP YOU HEALTHY ALL YEAR LONG INTRODUCING THE URBAN MOONSHINE MEDICINE CABINET POSTER 1. CHAMOMILE Chemicals: volatile oils Body Systems: digestive, nervous I am a delicate plant, but my flower’s gentleness belies its power. As a warm teabag, I soothe tired eyes; as a tea or tincture, I can untangle knots in the belly. Keep me around

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