Sage Varieties: Growing Tips and Recipes

The genus Salvia contains a staggering range of species suitable for every garden use under the sun—and in the shade. But for cooking, none can rival common garden sage (Salvia officinalis) and its cultivars. Sage has long been valued for its contributions to the cook’s palette of flavors. Its robust piney aroma and earthy flavor complement many ingredients. Sage … Continue reading Sage Varieties: Growing Tips and Recipes

Plant Profile: Sage

Salvia officinalis Also, Known As: Common Sage Dalmatian Sage Garden Sage Meadow Sage Red Sage Sage Scarlet Sage True Sage Considered all across the world as a valuable culinary spice, and cultivated everywhere, the sage is a perennial shrub that grows best in its wild state in Europe and in the Mediterranean areas of the … Continue reading Plant Profile: Sage