Drink your vitamins & minerals (#raspberryleaf, #herbalextracts)….

Since Raspberry Leaf🌿 is a nutritive herb it is perfect for just about anyone. It is one of the safest herbs due to it being mostly just a vitamin that is more potent and easily absorbed than pill supplements; by the body.

My Herbal Adventures...

I recently completed another herbal monograph on Raspberry Leaf; one of my favorite herbs!! Oddly it’s one I also took for granted until more recently. The leaves grow abundantly in my backyard, but I was so fixated on the lack of berries that the importance of the healthy, plentiful leaves almost escaped me. Yet, drinking the tea during my last pregnancy made a world of difference. Luckily, by the end of last summer, the light bulb went on💡💭& I thought….”This is one I should be harvesting because I can craft a tincture & also a glycerite; with pregnant women in mind!!

It is definitely one of the most plentiful herbs in my yard and this last summer stayed free of most insects. The year before the Japanese Beetles & aphids got to them and ate a lot of the leaves. I still was able to harvest quite a bit for…

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