Medicinal Hops for Health Benefits

While we know it best for the bitter flavor it imparts to beer, we celebrate hops as an increasingly valuable herbal medicine - and as the 2018 International Herb of the Year. Step into a hop field and you will witness a gorgeous feat of herbal engineering. Whether flourishing in towering lush columns or luxuriously … Continue reading Medicinal Hops for Health Benefits

Ancient Brewing: Beer Before Hops

This year, the herb world celebrates hops as 'Herb of the Year', designated by the International Herb Association. Although hops offer myriad uses, we know it best for its role in brewing beer. Yet, hops is a relatively new ingredient in the long history of this beverage. In fact, a variety of other herbs traditionally … Continue reading Ancient Brewing: Beer Before Hops

The 2018 International Herb of the Year: Hops

Humulus lupulus Also, Known As: Common Hop English Hop European Hop Hops Hops Vine Lai-ei-ts'ao Le-ts'ao The hops or the hop plant bears the name Humulus lupulus L. in botanical circles. This perennial plant belongs to the plant family Cannabidaceae. The plant is a climbing vine, which gives out scaly and cone-shaped fruits called hops from … Continue reading The 2018 International Herb of the Year: Hops