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Crooked Bear Creek Organics: Food As Medicine

We will focus on the latest databases, curation, and research done in each and every area of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions and its therapy which will help for optimal health and wellness. Through this, we will offer a unique opportunity for participants, investigators globally to meet, network, and perceive new scientific interactions for proper balance in life. Homeopathy,

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Plant Profile: Wild Indigo {Baptisia tinctoria}

Also, Known As: Baptisia Clover Broom Horsefly Weed Indigo Broom Rattlebush Shoofly Wild Indigo Yellow Indigo The very term ‘indigo’ associated with a plant’s name brings to the mind that it must be yielding a rich blue pigment. But, unfortunately, wild indigo is a plant that is an inferior alternative to the original indigo dye that has provided people across

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Modern Aging, Nature of Aging, Part 4

Hormonal Changes Programmed into Our Bodies as We Age Testosterone Testosterone is a key aging hormone. It is responsible for maintaining, among other things: Strength Energy Vigor Libido Zest for life Muscle mass The problem is that as we age, free testosterone tends to bind to globulins in the blood instead of stimulating cell receptor sites throughout the body. This

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