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Woad as natural antibiotics | Joybilee® Farm | DIY | Herbs | Gardening |

Isatis tinctoria for a broad-spectrum antibiotic I have a guest post on the Herbal Academy of New England blog about using one of my favorite herbs, Dyer’s Woad, as a natural antiviral. It works so well as an antiviral because it is also a natural antibiotic and so it prevents secondary infections.  Woad and other Isatis spp have been used in

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Bidens Can Help Fight Infections and Viruses: Get to Know It

Bidens, a common weed of pastures and vacant lots, has antiviral and antibacterial superpowers.  Get to know it better.  You never know when you might need to call on it as your herbal ally. Bidens, an overlooked weed that will help you in the fight against MRSA infections If you spend any time walking through pastures or vacant lots in July

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DIY Hand Soap Recipes (And Why to Use Thyme Oil!)

How to Make Hand Soap (and Why Thyme Essential Oil is the Perfect Ingredient!) Before I get into the DIY hand soap recipes, I want to talk about Thyme essential oil, so you’ll know why I’m focusing on it for cleansing skin and supporting health. (If you want to go directly to the recipes, scroll down to the sub-headline, Thyme Hand

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Discover the Health Benefits of the ‘Christmas Tree’, Spruce Oil and Pine Oil

The Pine tree is easily recognized as the “Christmas Tree,” but it is also commonly cultivated for its wood, which is rich in resin and is thus ideal for use as fuel, as well as for making a pitch, tar, and turpentine, substances that are traditionally used in construction and painting. In folk tales, the height of the Pine tree

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A message from Rosemary 💖💞💖

A special note from Rosemary! Dearest Friends & Herbal Students, Warm spring greetings.  What a world we woke up too! And yet, spring comes irrevocably, with a thousand seeds beneath the ground getting ready to thrust upwards.  Tree buds are bursting forth as they’ve done for millennia, flowers are blooming and birds returning in great flocks to the northlands.  In

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Essential Oils A Natural Substance

For over several thousands of years, humans have been employing essential oils for therapeutic purposes as well as sustaining good health. In effect, the ancient Egyptians extensively used essential oils. Currently, essential oils are used extensively in lotions meant for external use, aromatherapy, comforting baths and in a great assortment of herbal medications. Any attempt to define essential oils accurately as

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