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Aromatic Culinary Herb Called the Anise {Pimpinella anisum}

Also, Known As: Anise Aniseed Anise Plant Common Anise Hua-hsian Sweet Cumin In the ancient Chinese as well as the traditional Indian or Ayurvedic system of medicine, the herbal remedy anise has assumed a very popular stature and its utilization in various herbal medications is seen in both systems for many centuries now. The most commonly known type of anise

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Aromatic Culinary Herb Called the Cumin

Cumin {Cuminum cyminum} Also, Commonly Known As: Cumin The common culinary herb called the cumin is an annual herbaceous plant with a small and slender, branched stem. Even when fully mature, the cumin plant very rarely grows above a foot in height and is characterized by a somewhat angular facade. The plant bears deep green leaves which are divided into

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Aromatic Culinary Herb Called the Savory

Savory Satureja hortensis / Satureja montana Also, Known As: Mountain Savory Savory Summer Savory Winter Savory Ancient herbal texts frequently mention about two types of savories – summer savory comprising the dense parts of the herb Satureja hortensis L., and the winter savory, which is acquired from the herb Satureja Montana L. While the summer savory is an annual plant,

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A Summer Herb: Ground Ivy {Glechoma hederacea}

Also, Known As: Alehoof Cat’s-foot Creeping Charlie Field Balm Gill Run Over Ground Ivy Haymaids Hedge Maid Wild Snakeroot Ground ivy is a herb-like plant that grows perennially up to a height of 8 inches to 20 inches (20 cm to 50 cm) and has a square stem that produces circular, having well-serrated leaves. The flowers of this herb have

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Crooked Bear Creek Organics: Food As Medicine

We will focus on the latest databases, curation, and research done in each and every area of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions and its therapy which will help for optimal health and wellness. Through this, we will offer a unique opportunity for participants, investigators globally to meet, network, and perceive new scientific interactions for proper balance in life. Homeopathy,

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Medicinal Value of Tibetan Rhodiola {Rhodiola sacra}

Also, Known As: Rhodiola Tibetan Rhodiola The Tibetan Rhodiola Sacra is a highly valued medicinal herb that grows in the slopes of the Himalayas, known to be the supreme mountain range on the earth. This herb belongs to the family Crassulaceae, a plant genus that is indigenous to the Arctic region, for instance, the eastern region of Siberia. Because Tibetan

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