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The Forager’s: Foraging for Summertime Herbs

Go beyond the confines of the garden and into the wild to find some of nature’s most valuable medicine. Summer is the perfect time to stock up on nature’s healing gifts. But all too often we walk right by these treasures, not recognizing them as valuable plants. Learning how to identify and then use a variety of edible and medicinal

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A Summer Herb: Ground Ivy {Glechoma hederacea}

Also, Known As: Alehoof Cat’s-foot Creeping Charlie Field Balm Gill Run Over Ground Ivy Haymaids Hedge Maid Wild Snakeroot Ground ivy is a herb-like plant that grows perennially up to a height of 8 inches to 20 inches (20 cm to 50 cm) and has a square stem that produces circular, having well-serrated leaves. The flowers of this herb have

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