Have Yourself A Mindful Merry Christmas

For many of us, the festive season around Christmas brings out our worst over-indulgent habits: we eat, drink and spend more than we would normally do, and regret it come to New Year when we step on those scales, or the credit card bill lands on the doormat. While it may not be desirable, or … Continue reading Have Yourself A Mindful Merry Christmas

Our ‘Rescued’ Family Members!

I came across these photo's in my stash {actually, hidden}. We have rescued many a furry, feathered friend over the past 40 some odd years. From cats, dogs, horses, cattle, a few bison, and scores of birds, llamas, alpacas, goats. The list has been endless. Many animals had been 'dumped' out by passing vehicles at … Continue reading Our ‘Rescued’ Family Members!