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COVID-19 Vaccines, Variants, Immune Health and Traditional Medicine Use Across the Globe | DonnieYance.com

In the aggressive response to the global health emergency, many are having a hard time trying to find reliable data to effectively address a host of concerns about the virus itself, as well as the short and long-term risks associated with the new vaccines (currently Moderna and Pfizer), especially due to their origins (mRNA), potential adverse effects, and whether or

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There’s No Substitute for Sunlight: The Essential Influence of Nature’s Sunshine Vitamin on Health | DonnieYance.com

  The distribution of community outbreaks of the current global pandemic shows seasonal patterns associated with latitude, temperature, and humidity, which is similar to the behavior of seasonal viral respiratory tract infections. The seasonality of many viral infections is associated with a lack of sunlight, which results in low 25(OH)D concentrations and an uptick in diseases such as respiratory syncytial

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