DIY Decongestant Rub

Use this DIY decongestant rub to drive away persistent coughs. I’m not going to lie, I actually love the smell of Vicks vapor rub, but in the aim of having a DIY home, I had to give this a go myself and it really does work. The other beauty here is that when you put … Continue reading DIY Decongestant Rub


How To Make A Herbal Wreath

There’s something quite charming about weaving age-old tradition into your festive celebrations. And because we’re all about the whimsy of this Yuletide lately, we thought a little creative project would go down an edible treat. Wish to make a herb wreath for your table? Here’s a step-by-step. Here’s what you need to make a herb … Continue reading How To Make A Herbal Wreath

Plant A Terrarium In A Jar

How To Plant a Terrarium in a Jar We're pretty into plants around here and have a lot of experience with succulents and container gardens. Beautiful terrariums keep popping up online and out in the world and we've been lusting after them, wanting to make one but for some reason found the whole idea of building a terrarium … Continue reading Plant A Terrarium In A Jar

Gardener’s Hand Cream.

This hand cream is especially beneficial for those hard-working hands. Because you are using unpreserved vegetable oils, if you don't have a cool, dark place to store the hand cream or a friend to share with, consider making only half this recipe at a time. To make calendula tea, pour a cup of boiling water … Continue reading Gardener’s Hand Cream.