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Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee (Coffea arabica, Rubiaceae) beans are used in many cultures across the globe to brew the popular caffeinated beverage. Caffeine and coffee have been linked with reduced incidence of metabolic syndrome and diabetes, lower serum triglycerides, better athletic performance, and improved memory and attention. Other than caffeine, antioxidant compounds such as chlorogenic acids (CGA) may underlie coffee’s benefits, as some

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Meta-analysis Confirms Correlation of Coffee Consumption with Reduced Liver Cancer Risk; No Significant Effect on Biliary Tract Cancers

Coffee beverages from coffee (Coffea arabica, Rubiaceae) beans can offer many health benefits to the liver, with anti-cancer effects exerted by caffeine, and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects by phenolic components. Coffee diterpenes may have anti-cancer effects. The liver benefits from coffee’s contributions to lipid metabolism regulation. Systematic reviews have found coffee consumption associated with lower rates of steatosis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis,

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