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Aromatic Culinary Herb Called the Chervil

Chervil Anthriscus cere folium Also, Known As: Chervil Beaked Parsley French Parsley Garden Chervil Gourmet Parsley Salad Chervil Chervil (botanical name Anthriscus cere folium) is an elegant annual herb that grows up to a height of anything between 30 cm and 45 cm (about 12 inches and 18 inches). This plant is indigenous to the southern regions of Russia, the

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Companion Planting with Herbs

Boost your garden this season with the right pairings of plants. Companion planting is a fantastic addition to any garden. By specific plants next to certain fruits, flowers, and vegetables, you can boost their health and increase their production. Of course, knowing what pairings work best is key, especially when it comes to herbs. How It Works Companion planting improves

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