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June Herb of the Month: Capers

Did you know: Capers – Capparis spinosa • Capers are the flower buds of the Flinders rose (or caper bush) Capparis spinosa • This thorny shrub is native to the Mediterranean and hardy to USDA zone 9 • Capers thrive in hot dry climates • Grows as a mounding shrub with a sprawling habit • The flower buds are hand-picked

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Food as Medicine: Caper (Capparis spinosa, Capparaceae)

The caper (Capparis spinosa, Capparaceae) bush is a small, salt-tolerant shrub with trailing, thorny branches, and thick, fleshy leaves. Caper has a deep root system and trailing vines that grow seven to 10 feet tall.1 The semi-prostrate branches have ovate, petiolate leaves arranged opposite of each other. The flowers are pink or white with three petals and numerous stamens. Caper is

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