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Modern Research of Birch

Birch Betula lenta, B. papyrifera, B. pendula (syn. B. verrucosa), and B. pubescens (syn. B. alba) Family: Betulaceae by Josef Brinckmann, Thomas Brendler INTRODUCTION The Betulaceae family includes an estimated 150 to 200 species of trees and shrubs,1 and, depending on the author, the Betula genus includes about 30 to 60 of those species. Betula species are deciduous trees or shrubs and are monoecious (they have both male and female catkins, spike-like inflorescences of unisexual flowers).

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Springtime Herbs To Have On Hand

Traditionally, the days around the Vernal Equinox (mid to late March) and the month(s) after it was seen as a time of intense, rushing energy: days get longer and the sunlight more intense, the first signs of green growth emerge, and wildlife stirs again. Herbalists still consider this a time when the more inward, ‘congealing’ energies of Winter begin to transition into the more

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Effect of Birch Bark Triterpenes on Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts from Patients with Diabetes

Many patients with type 2 diabetes develop diabetic foot syndrome (DFS). In this condition, ulcers develop on the feet, and these ulcers tend to heal very slowly. Wound healing in patients with diabetes can be impaired by peripheral neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease, and high levels of inflammation found throughout the body. Treatment for DFS includes off-loading of pressure from the

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