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The Anti-Infectious Medicinal Properties of Propolis | DonnieYance.com

What is Propolis? A resinous material produced by honeybees from plant exudates, propolis is valued in traditional herbal medicine for its immune modulating and anti-microbial effects. The word “propolis” is rooted in the Greek language and means ‘defense for’ (pro) ‘the community’ (polis), which refers to the beehive. Bees use propolis to construct and restore their hives. Propolis forms a

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Can Fungi Ease Disease in Bees?

by Connor Yearsley Many people grew up with Winnie-the-Pooh, the good-natured bear who was often looking for “hunny” in rotting tree hollows. Renowned mycologist (fungi expert) Paul Stamets, however, maybe the first person to wonder if some bees are drawn to rotting wood partly because of the health benefits that the fungal mycelia can provide as they break down the wood. Mycelia

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