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Your Gut Health Is In Relationship To Your Skin?

Do you know how important your gut health is in relationship to your skin? So let’s start with why and how your inner Ecosystem is connected to the health of your skin.  Gut bacteria.  Gut bacteria is crucial in maintaining healthy skin and for the overall health of your body. Your body is composed of trillions of bacteria, some good

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Brazilian Pepper Tree Packs Power to Knock Out Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The red berries of the Brazilian Pepper tree – a weedy, invasive species common in Florida – contain an extract with the power to disarm dangerous antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria, scientists at Emory University have discovered. The journal Scientific Reports is publishing the finding, made in the lab of Cassandra Quave, an assistant professor in Emory’s Center for the Study of

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Cranberry Extract Disrupts Spread Of Hard-To-Treat Bacteria

New research reveals fresh clues on the infection-fighting properties of cranberries. Researchers in Canada showed how cranberry extract rich in a particular type of compound successfully disrupted cell-to-cell communication in bacteria responsible for hard-to-treat infections. The study shows cranberry extract rich in a particular group of compounds may help stop the spread of a bacterium that causes infections in hospital

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