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Ancient Medicine for Modern Women: A Q&A with Herbal Physicians

by Aviva Romm, MD, Tieraona Low Dog, MD Women’s history is woven together with plants and the healing arts, particularly botanical medicine and midwifery. In virtually every culture, women maintained knowledge of herbal healing for the prevention and treatment of common maladies that afflicted their communities, including, notably, treatments for women’s concerns. Because transmission of herbal knowledge historically was suppressed and marginalized, information on the

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How to Stick a Fork in Antibiotic Resistance

The reason I have trouble finding a good antibiotic when my son has an ear infection is directly related to the cost of [that] cheap hamburger.” – Michael Pollan in Modern Meat, Frontline What would happen if our children’s serious infections no longer responded to antibiotics? If an infection in the uterus of a mother who has recently given birth

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