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‘Let’s Heal It’ ~ Anxiety, Nervousness.

Feelings of nervousness, edginess, agitation, and anxiety are experienced probably frequently – by people everywhere in this modern age. These feelings are a natural response to danger, either perceived or real. Besides physical danger, our nervous and hormonal systems are frequently alerted throughout the day and even the night by background noise, the incessant stimulation of computers, the e-mail barrage, adrenaline-pumping

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Spiritual Retreat Garden – Our Ideas For A Chakra Garden.

Inspiration usually strikes at the oddest hours for me, usually, around 4 am when insomnia has her way. We have a portion of our yard that has been under a plan of attack for some time; but what to do that is appealing, useful, and calming? A Spiritual Retreat Garden came to mind, especially with having a pregnant daughter! And inspiration from

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Bach Flower Remedies.

The physical manifestations of diseases have their root cause in emotional and psychological stress which includes fear, worry, loneliness, insecurity and jealousy. The body’s natural resistance to disease reduces as these situations reach extremes. Bach Flower Remedies assist in stabilizing emotional and psychological stress and seek to calm the turmoil produced by these exigencies. It gives the body a chance

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