True Alkanet — The Saga – Richo’s Blog

Alkanet roots are rich in alkanninBefore I stood two test-tubes, one full of olive oil, the other containing pure grain alcohol.  I dropped a fragment of Alkanet (Alkanna tinctoria) root into each and watched as the fragments drifted down, trailing in each case a tail of bright red pigment, like barnstorming biplanes emitting colored smoke at … Continue reading True Alkanet — The Saga – Richo’s Blog

Plant Profile: Alkanet {Anchusa officinalis}

Also, Known As: Alkanet Bugloss Common Alkanet The plant known commonly as alkanet is a biennial herb familiar to all herbalists. The herb is characterized by coarse and hairy stems as well as leaves that arise out of a cluster of basal leaves. The plant is about 1- 3 feet tall when fully developed. The … Continue reading Plant Profile: Alkanet {Anchusa officinalis}