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Hope, Wisdom, and Science from the Plant Kingdom in the Ongoing COVID Crisis |

  Viruses are one of the oldest organisms on Earth. They consist simply of a protein envelope and nucleic acids, which renders them unable to replicate outside of a host.  Some viruses, such as influenza, can both rearrange compatible genes and mutate on a regular basis in order to remain invisible.[1] Interestingly, the main benefit of herbs is their working

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Coronavirus – Holistic Strategies for Building Immune Resilience – Farmacopia

Concerned about the coronavirus? Embolden your defenses and care for your immune system with these herbs and practices. The current coronavirus outbreak, named Covid-19, has infected nearly 78,000 individuals. Cases can range in severity, from mild or asymptomatic illness to severe or fatal. According to a recent JAMA study of 72,314 Covid-19 infections, 81% of cases are mild. Initial symptoms

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