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Poppy Seed – Herb of the Month

Originally posted on The Herb Society of America Blog:
By Maryann Readal Poppies are a colorful springtime addition to the garden bed. Their striking crepe paper-like flowers tower over other perennials that are just beginning to put on new growth for the season. The deeply lobed, light green leaves readily fill in the empty spaces that can later be filled…

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COMMON NAME:  poppy GENUS:  Papaver SPECIES:  P. nudicaule-Iceland poppy. P. rhoeas-Shirley or corn poppy; blooms spring and summer. P. orientale-huge, bowl-shaped blossoms; perennial FAMILY:  Papaveraceae BLOOMS:  late spring, summer TYPE:  annual, perennial DESCRIPTION:  Iceland poppy is a tender perennial, usually grown as an annual. The leaves are finely dissected, fernlike, and hairy. The large blossoms {3 inches across} come in

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