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Aromatherapy with Damask Rose Essential Oil Improves Sleep Quality of Patients with Cancer

Cancer patients often complain of sleep disorders that affect their quality of life and social functioning. Complementary and alternative medicine treatments such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and yoga can improve the quality of life for cancer patients. Clinical studies have reported sedative effects of damask rose (Rosa × Damascena, Rosaceae), particularly improved sleep quality with aromatherapy. These authors conducted a randomized,

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Bach Flower Remedies.

The physical manifestations of diseases have their root cause in emotional and psychological stress which includes fear, worry, loneliness, insecurity and jealousy. The body’s natural resistance to disease reduces as these situations reach extremes. Bach Flower Remedies assist in stabilizing emotional and psychological stress and seek to calm the turmoil produced by these exigencies. It gives the body a chance

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