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Free Webinar: Plants, People & Culture: The Science of Ethnobotany – American Botanical Council

We are happy to announce the first in a new series of Ethnobotany Webinars from the American Botanical Council and the Sustainable Herbs Program. Leading ethnobotanists Michael J. Balick and Paul Alan Cox will be discussing their new book Plants, People & Culture: The Science of Ethnobotany, revised from the first edition published in 1996. Balick and Cox have spent many

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Cannabidiol: A Race to Relief

by Nishi Whiteley, Ethan Russo, MD Few chemical compounds have enjoyed such a rapid ascent to market acceptance and consumer popularity as CBD. According to BDS Analytics, the US hemp-derived CBD market is projected to grow to $20 billion by 2024.1 CBD was the top-selling herbal dietary supplement in US natural retail stores in 2019, according to the American Botanical Council’s Herb Market Report. Sales

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A Revision of the “Catalogue” of Biblical Medicinal Plants

A large body of research has attempted to identify and catalogue “plants mentioned in the Bible,” especially medicinal plants, mostly based on linguistics and philology. Fundamental flaws of these attempts include the unfamiliarity of most researchers with Biblical-era languages; myriad mistranslations of the collection of works called “the Bible,” many of them deliberate; and disagreement over which works are properly

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US Herbal Supplement Sales Increase by 8.6% in 2019, Record-Breaking Sales Predicted for 2020

HerbalGram’s Herb Market Report discusses 2019 trends and highlights ingredients with steep sales increases during COVID-19 pandemic in first six months of 2020 AUSTIN, Texas (August 31, 2020) — Consumers in the United States spent an estimated $9.602 billion on herbal dietary supplements in 2019, an 8.6% increase in total US sales from the previous year, according to the American

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Celery Seed – The Herb Society of America’s Herb of the Month

Originally posted on The Herb Society of America Blog:
By Maryann Readal Celery seed comes from a variety of celery that is different from the celery (Apium graveolens) we see in grocery stores. The seed comes from an ancestor of celery called smallage or wild celery. The smallage variety is native to the Mediterranean area and the Middle East and…

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DIY Recipe of the Month: Breath Freshener • The Organic Alcohol Company

If you are like me masks have made it all too apparent when you had your last cup of coffee. When you desire to freshen yourself up between brushes, there’s nothing better than a homemade breath tonic made with Organic ingredients. This month’s focus is on Personal Care Products, and one I have regularly used is this DIY breath freshener.

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American Botanical Council and Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs Warns Consumers about High Toxicity of Oleander

Herbal science group emphasizes that consumers should NOT attempt to produce oleander-based home-remedies or self-medicate with the dangerous poisonous plant. AUSTIN, Texas (August 18, 2020) — The nonprofit American Botanical Council (ABC) today warned the public about the substantial toxicity associated with all parts of the oleander (Nerium oleander) plant. ABC warns consumers not to ingest any parts of the

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Botanicals Offer Options to Support Brain Function and Cognitive Health

Many botanical medicines are used to enhance cognitive function, concentration, and memory. The author reviews several substantial scientific and traditional support. Curcumin from turmeric (Curcuma longa, Zingiberaceae) has been tried in healthy adults to prevent cognitive decline and in those with dementia and cognitive impairment (CI). In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial (RCT), 57 community-dwelling elders who took curcumin

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Free Webinar: Botanical Supply Sustainability in the time of COVID Online

A conversation with Loren Israelsen, President, United Natural Products Alliance; Angela McElwee, President and CEO of Gaia Herbs; and Ajay Patel, Founder, and CEO of Verdure Sciences. The climate emergency and the decline of biodiversity make it abundantly clear that business, as usual, is no longer enough. The disruptions caused by COVID-19, challenging as they are, offer an opportunity to

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