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DIY Recipe of the Month: Summertime Peach Liquor • The Organic Alcohol Company

The long slow days of August are upon us and the hot summer weather has settled in. As a child, August was bittersweet with the return to school and friends on the horizon. Now still, I catch scents of fall, feel the cooler nights, and know these lazy hot days won’t last forever. Taking advantage of all that this season

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AHPA UPDATE: Online Botanical Safety Handbook Updated with New Information

Historical use as food added for plantain leaf, stinging nettle, and elderberry AHPA continues to expand and update the online Botanical Safety Handbook 2nd ed. to provide the herbal industry with comprehensive safety information on over 500 species of herbs from clinical trials, pharmacological and toxicological studies, medical case reports, and historical texts. The latest updates and additions include: Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) was revised

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Aromatherapy May Improve Sleep Quality Among Patients in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Sleep disturbances are linked to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), diabetes, and obesity. Poor sleep releases stress hormones that can contribute to CVD. Drugs often used by heart patients with poor sleep can cause substantial adverse effects (AEs). Aromatherapy with plant essential oils (EOs) has been found safe and effective in promoting good sleep in various settings. In a systematic review and

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Hope, Wisdom, and Science from the Plant Kingdom in the Ongoing COVID Crisis |

  Viruses are one of the oldest organisms on Earth. They consist simply of a protein envelope and nucleic acids, which renders them unable to replicate outside of a host.  Some viruses, such as influenza, can both rearrange compatible genes and mutate on a regular basis in order to remain invisible.[1] Interestingly, the main benefit of herbs is their working

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Safe Passage for Plants & Pollinators: Building GreenBridges™

Originally posted on The Herb Society of America Blog:
By Debbie Boutelier, HSA Past President & GreenBridgesTM Chair It’s summer and the living is easy for our pollinators. There is an abundance of blooming plants from which to choose. A little here, a little there, moving pollen around from plant to plant and increasing the abundance. It’s glorious now, but…

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Herbalism: A new era (Coronavirus – an Invitation) — John J Slattery Bioregional Herbalist, Forager, Author

A bioregional herbalist’s look at the Coronavirus (CoV 2019) and important herbs to consider prior to and during exposure So I thought I’d take some time to write about some of the herbs that I feel will be important upon exposure to CoV-2, but first, to help put some of this in perspective. Mexican elder leaf (Sambucus mexicana, syn. S.

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It’s that time of year for patio-chillin’, outdoor grillin’, and camping adventures. When you are looking for something that isn’t laden with chemicals that will keep the pesky insects away, try this DIY Bug Repellent. I sometimes change up the essential oils I use, but following the lead of many other home-made bug spray recipes, find this blend to be

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Crafting Herbal Extracts…. – My Herbal Adventures…

I shared Anne’s email with you and a bit of her website for she is my herbalist, my go-to for tinctures, extracts, balms, etc. I have complete trust in her expertise, the products she endeavors to create, her passion, and drive. I am honored and pleased to introduce you to Anne, my herbalist, and friend. By the way, here is

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