Canines for Conservation

Dogged Conservation

Join us on Jan 27th at 6 PM and learn about the remarkable Rogue Detection Teams, rescued dogs and field researchers help scientists tackle important conservation concerns – like collecting data on endangered species through scat detection in remote locations. 

It is a commonly used idiom, “who rescued who” when discussing dogs and their people, but it is most true when looking at the relationship between Heath and his first canine partner, Gator. The team paired up when Heath first started doing detection dog work in 2001, and though Heath Smith was a self-proclaimed cat person, Gator managed to steal his heart and pull Heath down a path of no return. Heath has trod in the world of conservation detection dogs ever since, walking side-by-side with many incredible rescue pups across innumerable landscapes. The more Heath learned from these sage animals, the more he wanted to share this newfound wisdom with others.

He co-founded Rogue Detection Teams in 2019 with 8 other Research Scientists and 19 rescue dogs turned detection dogs with the mission to bring the conservation detection dog method to the forefront of scientific research by providing knowledgeable field teams and hands-on instruction for researchers, aspiring dog handlers, and citizen scientists.
In this webcast, we’ll learn all about how this work got started and how these “rogues” do it. We’ll also learn how Oregon Wild’s work to protect public lands and wildlife go hand in hand – and is aided by the work of Heath’s teams.

We hope to see you there!