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Creating an emotional connection and a memorable experience for consumers is crucial in today’s competitive business world. With an ever-increasing rise in start-ups, pop-up shops, and e-commerce stores, creating a recognizable and unique brand is imperative.

Scent Marketing has become a game-changer in increasing sales, heightening value perception, expanding brand recognition, and increasing customer satisfaction. This type of sensory marketing is targeted at the olfactory sense. The sense of smell is the most powerful of all the senses and is directly linked to emotions. Scent marketing allows businesses to create an emotional connection with consumers, which results in a more enjoyable and memorable experience for the customer.

Scent Marketing is more than just diffusing a fragrance in a showroom or lobby. It is the science of taking your company’s marketing message, brand identity, and target audience to create a unique fragrance that accentuates these values. Scenting can instantly trigger memories and even influence behavior. Combining scent and other marketing techniques can significantly amplify a customer’s experience and create a distinct, memorable connection with your brand.

Marketing, academic, and industry research has proven that incorporating scent significantly affects how consumers view your brand. Diffusing the correct aroma oil can subconsciously prompt customers to linger longer and have a more positive experience. The perfect scent ambiance will differentiate your brand from the competitor for your clients, employees, and guests, and result in happier customers, that linger longer.


Our Focus

Science, Psychology, Scents

As a pioneer in the field of scent marketing AromaTech crafts scent-based ambient environments for leading hotels, casinos, retailers, gyms, restaurants, and other first-class establishments.

We use only high-quality, eco-friendly materials in our scent machines and commercial scents.

AromaTech harnesses the emotional power of the sense of smell.


What is the philosophy of your business? The mood? The feel? Our scent experts can match our commercial aromas to the essence of your business and intentions. You trust designers with your look, DJs with your sound. Trust us with the strongest sense – your business’s scent.


AromaTech scent machines use the cutting-edge technology of ‘cold-air diffusion’, which ensures the integrity of the fragrance is mentioned. Rather than using the less effective, industry-standard method of evaporation, our aroma diffusers process filtered cold air to diffuse the scent in ultra-dry mist. The result is a subtle, symphonic fragrance without being overpowering.


Our aroma diffusers and commercial aromas are trusted throughout the world by malls. casinos, hotels, gyms, spas, museums, and more. Our range of scents is limitless, drawing from pure essential blends and more than 70,000 perfume quality aroma oils.

Why Aromatech

Innovation, Technology, Commitment

Since 2009, AromaTech™ has been branding and transforming businesses with ambient scenting.

Over the years AromaTech™ has been committed to refining and improving commercial scenting systems, and now we are happy to bring this technology into your home, with ease and convenience.

Working with world-renowned companies such as Apple, Four Seasons, Harley Davidson, Jimmy Choo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Sky Zone Trampoline Parks, Steve Nash Sports Clubs, and many other industry leaders and mega brands, in creating a unique experience by engaging memory and emotions through scent marketing.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, AromaTech™ has been committed to refining and improving commercial scenting systems. Our goal is to increase your brand recognition by providing your business with a unique and memorable ambiance, to create an emotional connection with your customers.

Our network of distributors transforms businesses globally with clients in many diverse industries. Industries such as automotive, hotels, entertainment venues, fitness centers, spas, retail stores, shopping malls, hospitals, and nursing homes are only a few, of the many, utilizing the marketing power of scent.

Our Technique

Solutions, Experience, Custom

We assist a multitude of companies to determine how to best meet their goals in creating a desired mood, impression, or effect by using the right scent in the right environment.

In a similar way that an appropriate, well-composed song or melody can have a long-term impact on the listener, so too can a well-thought-out scent.

At AromaTech™, we work with companies to examine brand philosophies, principles, and objectives, while identifying a goal message and target audience. By analyzing any relevant data and research, we create a unique and custom brand fragrance for our clients.

We install an effective scent delivery system that delivers a pure and consistent aroma while employing a convenient and hassle-free scenting solution.


Scenting Systems

Simple, Convenient, Effective

AromaTech’s™ commercial scent diffusers lead the market when it comes to application, flexibility, quality, and design.

We use cold-air diffusion technology, which preserves the integrity of essential and aroma oils. Our scent delivery systems release the scent in a form of micro-mist to ensure precise diffusion that is both noticeable and efficient in any size space or location

All of our commercial scent machines are designed for aesthetics and proficiency. Our commercial scent diffusers are available as stand-alone or wall-mounted units, with the capability to easily connect to any HVAC (air-conditioning). All of our scent delivery systems are equipped with a digital control panel to conveniently set the intensity of the fragrance output as well as “store operating hours”. The housing structures are made from 100% recycled or recyclable products that are created from renewable resources.

Our Scents.

Powerful, Unique, Pure


We source only the highest quality ingredients from around the world to ensure that all of our fragrances delivery is a consistent and appealing ambient scent.

AromaTech™ offers unlimited possibilities for scenting, drawing from an array of pure essential oil blends and over 70,000 perfume quality aroma oils. Our team of scent designers creates signature blends and unique recipes to create a memorable and unique environment for your business.

We source only the highest quality ingredients from around the world to ensure that all of our fragrances delivery is a consistent and appealing ambient scent. Unlike many chemical-based scents and air fresheners for businesses, our fragrances deliver a pure and clean ambiance, without harsh undertones.