Monthly Archives: April 2020

New Book ‘Wild Remedies’

Learning to make your own medicine is very empowering, especially in this day and age where we need to start looking to local solutions for our food and herbal medicine. However, when you can make remedies with wild plants that you harvest, you are making medicine that’s more powerful in many ways. Wild plants are also free to harvest and

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Update from the Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program Regarding BAPP’s Role in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Herb Industry and Medicinal Plant Community Friend and Colleague: As we all work our way through this most unfortunate and disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, we fervently hope that you and your family and work associates are safe and robustly healthy. We are taking this opportunity to share with you how we see the significant and essential role that the ABC-AHP-NCNPR

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Modern Research of Birch

Birch Betula lenta, B. papyrifera, B. pendula (syn. B. verrucosa), and B. pubescens (syn. B. alba) Family: Betulaceae by Josef Brinckmann, Thomas Brendler INTRODUCTION The Betulaceae family includes an estimated 150 to 200 species of trees and shrubs,1 and, depending on the author, the Betula genus includes about 30 to 60 of those species. Betula species are deciduous trees or shrubs and are monoecious (they have both male and female catkins, spike-like inflorescences of unisexual flowers).

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