Watch our docuseries about the medicine that grows all around you.


There’s a pretty good chance you’ve used herbal medicine in your life. Whether it’s chamomile tea to calm your nerves or echinacea to help with a cold, these remedies have been embraced by millions and millions of people.

However, did you know you could easily make herbal remedies in your own kitchen?

Let’s go one step further…

How about making your own herbal medicine with plants that grow in the wild, meaning in your yard or local fields and forest.

A wild remedy can be more powerful than any store-bought remedy. Not only is this medicine virtually free, but it’s also medicine that doesn’t rely on any supply chains.

Right now, more than ever, it’s important to start thinking about more local solutions. Luckily, there are wild remedies all around us.

That said, this then brings up a lot of questions, such as…

  • What herbs can help me?
  • Where do I harvest these plants and what do I do with them after I pick them?
  • Can I can be sure it’s safe?

It does take a little effort to get started, but it’s easier than you think.

If making your own medicine with plants that grow around your interests you, we are showing our docuseries this week.

It’s called The Wild Remedies Docuseries.

Rosalee de la Forêt and Emily Han visited 12 expert herbalists including Rosemary Gladstar and asked them just 3 simple questions…

  1. What are the unexpected ways that wild remedies heal?
  2. What does everyone need to know before harvesting wild plants?
  3. Will we be able to wildcraft forever?

Each episode is just 15 minutes.

We decided to go ahead and make this a FREE showing…

Simply go here to start watching Episode 1 of the Wild Remedies Docuseries.

Our journey starts with revealing a secret ingredient in herbal medicine that every store-bought remedy ever created does NOT include. However, the wild remedies that YOU make will include it every time.

Learn about this missing ingredient right here. 


John Gallagher