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Self Heal Serum – LearningHerbs

Self-Heal, Heal All You’d think a plant with a name as auspicious as this one would be dramatic and imposing. Instead, it camouflages itself on your lawn. But it has been used internally and externally since at least the 2nd century in both China and Europe. Its botanical name, Prunella, derives from the German word Brunella, which comes from dying

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DIY Hand Soap Recipes (And Why to Use Thyme Oil!)

How to Make Hand Soap (and Why Thyme Essential Oil is the Perfect Ingredient!) Before I get into the DIY hand soap recipes, I want to talk about Thyme essential oil, so you’ll know why I’m focusing on it for cleansing skin and supporting health. (If you want to go directly to the recipes, scroll down to the sub-headline, Thyme Hand

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