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HSA Webinar: Growing and Using Herbs of the Southwestern Missions

Originally posted on The Herb Society of America Blog:
Author Jacqueline Soule will be presenting this month’s webinar on Wed, March 25 at 1pm – click here to register. This article is excerpted from her book, Father Kino’s Herbs: Growing and Using Them Today. Epazote – An Efficacious ‘Erb By Dr. Jacqueline A. Soule Did you know that you can…

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There are few scents in this world that evoke the feeling of clean – lavender is one of them. Its common and scientific name originates from lavare, the Latin word for wash or bathe. Lavender was popular as a linen-washing herb in Europe, no doubt due to its pleasant aroma, but it also possesses antiseptic qualities and can help to

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