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As we shift from the holiday season, it is an excellent time to take a few days to simplify, clear and pave the way to receive the bounty of the new year. This can mean making space for creativity, resetting intentions, or cultivating healthy habits that support the body and mind. Symbolically, it is no surprise people gravitate towards “cleansing” and “detoxifying” during this time of year.

While “detoxing” may appear to be a modern-day answer to what seems like an increasingly toxic world, our ancestors have long incorporated bitter, nutritive herbs and roots into their diets. Modern science has revealed that many of these herbs – such as dandelion, burdock, nettle, Schisandra, and red clover, have a special affinity to support the natural function of our inherent detoxification systems.* Honoring this age-old wisdom, herbalists continue to utilize these herbs to support and nurture these processes rather than encouraging harsh detoxes that can be depleting.

Our skin, liver, kidneys, digestive tract, and lymphatic system all have important parts to play in maintaining a balanced input and output flow. Incredibly, nature has provided us with a natural apothecary of plants that are unique enough from one another to support these various organs. From skin health to liver support, there’s an herb that’s right for you.*

Best Herbs to Support Your Natural Detoxification Systems

Schisandra: Schisandra berry is called wǔ wèi zi, or the “five flavor fruit,” the only fruit to boast all five tastes according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) —bitter, pungent, salty, sour, and sweet. Each taste corresponds to a different natural element, organ system and therapeutic action. In traditional terms, this superfruit is said to replenish the body’s vital energy (also known as ch’i or qi), and modern research validates it’s liver supportive nature.*

Red Clover: Nourishing and restorative, red clover is a perennial within the pea family, which farmers often use as cover crops to fix nitrogen in the soil. Its action on the body is known for its ability to support healthy skin, making it an excellent choice for a gentle daily detox routine.*

Dandelion: Our favorite wild and bitter weed, dandelion’s properties gently stimulate the liver and help your body’s natural detoxification process. The bitter compounds found in dandelion stimulate taste buds, setting off a chain reaction of flowing juices from saliva to bile and setting the digestive tract in motion. This helps the breakdown of fats during digestion and flushes waste away, making it one of the most valuable general tonics used in Western herbalism.*

Burdock: This root has long been praised for its alterative action, which supports channels of elimination in the body and supports healthy nutrient assimilation. Rich with inulin and prebiotic starches, burdock root is used to help support healthy kidneys and beautiful, glowing skin.*

Nettle: A refreshing wild spring green, nettle is considered the mother of all spring tonics. Traditionally used for skin support, nettle is known for its ability to support the whole body as well as joint health. This is a fantastic herb to support your body when it feels stagnated, particularly after the holiday season or a long winter.*

Simple Ways to Incorporate These Herbs into Your Life

If you are looking for a few simple ways to introduce some of these herbs into your life, herbal teas and tinctures are a great place to start.

Our entire line of EveryDay Detox teas are designed to be gentle allies in supporting your body’s natural detox systems such as skin, liver, and kidneys.* Featuring combinations of dandelion, Schisandra, nettle, and burdock, find out which one might be best for you here: Our Detox Teas: A Peek Inside.

Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters are liquid plant extracts made with bitter plants to support the digestive system. When you taste the challenging flavor of bitterness, you strengthen your digestive response and enhance the secretion of the body’s natural digestive juices, which helps to support the digestion of food and stimulate your liver’s natural detoxification processes.*

While herbs can be valuable allies in your journey to reclaim balance in your life, it is just one component towards a healthy lifestyle. We invite you to honor your body as the beautifully complex ecosystem that it is. What other elements in your life could be modified to support greater, holistic “cleansing?” This may include exploring dietary decisions, clearing clutter from your living and workspaces, examining ingredients in your household products, and perhaps even re-evaluating relationships in your life. Whichever paths you decide to explore, we’re pleased to provide medicinal-grade, organic herbs to support you in this journey.

While “detoxing” may appear to be a modern-day answer to what seems like an increasingly toxic world, our ancestors have long incorporated bitter, nutritive herbs and roots into their diets.

Source: Herbs for Natural Detox – Traditional Medicinals – Herbal Wellness