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Can Complementary and Alternative Medicine Contribute to Reduce the Use of Antibiotics?

Antibiotic (AB) microbial resistance (AMR), a growing international public health problem, demands global strategies for its control and mitigation. AMR’s impacts include greater mortality, morbidity, and economic costs and losses. Formal policies adopted until the date of this review do not focus on the potential of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to reduce or delay antibiotic use. Non-AB treatments being

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Clinical Efficacy of Propolis for Treating Dysmenorrhea

Primary dysmenorrhea (PD) is a condition that causes abdominal cramping during menstruation. PD affects 60-93% of women in their reproductive years and typically occurs in adolescents and young women without associated pelvic pathology. Risk factors include age <20 years, family history of PD, tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum, Solanaceae) smoking, heavy or irregular menstruation, menarche at <12 years of age, low weight, and

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