2019 Herb of the Month; August, Galanga

Galangal, Alpinia spp. ● Galangal is a member of the Zingiberaceae or ginger family and is native to Southeast Asia. Alpinia galanga is referred to as greater galangal while Alpinia officinarum is referred to as lesser galangal. ● Historically, galangal has both culinary and medicinal uses. ● Galangal is a staple in Thai cooking and … Continue reading 2019 Herb of the Month; August, Galanga

Antioxidant and Anti-diabetic Effects of Baobab from Mali

The baobab tree (Adansonia digitata, Malvaceae) grows in semi-arid regions of Africa. The tree is a source of food, water, medicine, fiber, and building materials for indigenous people. Baobab fruit dries while it is still on the tree, and the dried fruit pulp is used to prepare a variety of foods. The fruit and leaves … Continue reading Antioxidant and Anti-diabetic Effects of Baobab from Mali

Make Your Own Herb Kombucha

This popular, fizzy beverage provides flavor, health benefits, and an opportunity to use some of your favorite herbs. Learn how to brew up a batch of homemade kombucha. Known as the "tea of immortality" in China, where the earliest recorded use dates back to 221 BCE, kombucha has enjoyed an epic rise in popularity here … Continue reading Make Your Own Herb Kombucha

Medicine Chest: Herbal First Aid Kit

Topical Herbal First Aid Kit As you delve into the world of herbal medicine, at some point or another you take a look at your medicine cabinet and think, "What kinds of natural remedies should I stock in my first aid kit?" Many herbs offer topical applications for a variety of everyday woes, including aches … Continue reading Medicine Chest: Herbal First Aid Kit

Caring With Calendula

This vibrant orange blossom pops in the garden add a burst of color to cuisine and is a powerhouse in the medicine cabinet. Learn more about this amazing, autumn-loving species. Brilliantly striking, calendula's gorgeous yellow and deep-orange blossoms bring a smile to both gardener and herbalist alike. In the fall, you'll find this plant gracing … Continue reading Caring With Calendula

Get Wild! 5 Steps for Habitat Certification

Want to do your part to help the planet? Turn your backyard or business lot into a certified wildlife habitat that helps protect and promote native plants and species. According to a United Nations report, one million species may be "pushed to extinction" in the next few years due to human impact. As the Center … Continue reading Get Wild! 5 Steps for Habitat Certification