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Food as Medicine: Chickpea (Cicer arietinum, Fabaceae)

Chickpea is an annual crop with a small, bushy form. Its branched stems contain as many as 17 pairs of leaflets.1 Chickpea flowers are white to violet in color, appearing in spring to early summer.2 The edible chickpeas themselves are formed inside hairy, oblong pods which grow up to 1 ½” (38 mm) long, containing one to two seeds per pod.1 The genus name Cicer originates

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Effects of Geranium Aroma on Anxiety in Heart Attack Patients

As one of the most common forms of coronary artery disease, acute myocardial infarction (AMI), otherwise known as heart attack, is a leading cause of death with a life-threatening urgency that demands immediate treatment. AMI leads to disability, fatigue, depression, and sleep disorders. Nearly half (42%) of AMI patients experience anxiety. When hospitalized for an AMI, patients often experience severe

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Characterization of Bioactive Constituents in Hops Cones and Pellets

Hops (Humulus lupulus, Cannabaceae) cones not only give beer flavor and bitterness, but they also have sedative, antibacterial, and phytoestrogenic properties. They may also prevent cell proliferation, which could have applications in cancer treatment. However, the many bioactive compounds of hops are difficult to characterize. The purpose of this study was to maximize characterization by using two complementary techniques. The

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