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Clinical Trial Studies Effectiveness of Saffron in Treating Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Opioid addiction has reached epidemic levels, and withdrawal from the use of drugs such as heroin or prescription opioids can cause acute physical and mental distress. Methadone is often used as replacement therapy in the treatment of opioid dependence since it is slow-acting and able to treat withdrawal symptoms while blocking the high associated with other opioids. Since methadone is

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Cross-sectional Survey Studies Potential for Herb-drug Interactions in Pregnant Women

Herbal and natural products (HNP) are generally considered safe, and many people take them without considering the presence of active compounds that may interact with other HNPs or prescription medications. These interactions have the potential to be severe, according to the authors. Women are the majority users of HNPs, so the possibility for herb-drug interactions (HDIs) becomes doubly concerning in

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