Promising Plants for 2018

Herb Society of America: Conservation and sustainable gardening Conserving the biodiversity and health of native plants and ecosystems is essential to a healthy planet.  We have a growing understanding of the complexities of ecosystems, in which each plant, the soil, insect, bird and animal life, invertebrates and other organisms, water, air, temperature, and elevation … Continue reading Promising Plants for 2018


June Herb of the Month: Capers

Did you know: Capers – Capparis spinosa • Capers are the flower buds of the Flinders rose (or caper bush) Capparis spinosa • This thorny shrub is native to the Mediterranean and hardy to USDA zone 9 • Capers thrive in hot dry climates • Grows as a mounding shrub with a sprawling habit • … Continue reading June Herb of the Month: Capers