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Administration and Dosing of Medical Cannabis

Despite centuries of medical use and several modern studies, 80 years of cannabis (Cannabis sativa, Cannabaceae) prohibition have left clinicians undereducated about its therapeutic uses. A 2017 US study found that 89.5% of surveyed residents and fellows felt unprepared to prescribe cannabis and just 35.5% felt prepared to answer patients’ questions about it. Only 9% of US medical schools include

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Brazilian Green Propolis Improves Cognitive Function in Elderly People Living at High Altitude

Microglial-mediated neuroinflammation, systemic inflammation, and oxidative stress are key contributors to the cognitive decline in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Living at a high altitude exposes people to a hypoxic environment, resulting in increased oxidative stress and greater risk of cognitive decline. Propolis is produced by honey bees mixing plant resins collected from the local flora with

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