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Food as Medicine: Dog Rose Hip (Rosa canina, Rosaceae)

The rose (Rosa spp.) hip (also sometimes written as “rosehip”) is a pseudofruit in the economically important Rosaceae family, which includes apple (Malus spp.), strawberry (Fragaria spp.), plum (Prunusspp.), and almond (Prunus spp.). The genus Rosa includes more than 100 species that have been cultivated since ancient times in a vast array of climates.1 Both rose petals and rose hips can be used in culinary and herbal preparations. Rose

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Umbrella Review on the Health Benefits of Coffee Consumption

Roasted ground coffee (Coffea spp., Rubiaceae) beans provide one of the most-consumed drinks worldwide. Studies have reported varying conclusions about its effects, depending on outcomes, design, coffee type, and other variables. Beans can be roasted to varying degrees and processed in different ways; these processing steps can highly alter the chemical composition. Roasted coffee can contain over 1000 different bioactive compounds,

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Meta-analysis Shows Garlic Supplements Effective in Lowering Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension, Stimulating the Immune System, and Reducing Serum Cholesterol

Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death worldwide. High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the strongest risk factors for cardiovascular illnesses, but antihypertensive medications have been associated with a wide range of side effects. High levels of serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol also are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Statins are commonly used to

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