Could Mindfulness Prevent Major Depression?

A new study reveals that eight weeks of mindfulness meditation may help to prevent major depressive disorder in people with subclinical depression. Researchers suggest that mindfulness meditation could help to prevent major depression. Subclinical depression, which is also referred to as subthreshold depression, is defined as the presence of depressive symptoms that are not yet severe or persistent … Continue reading Could Mindfulness Prevent Major Depression?

Wild Foods and Foraging

It’s all rainy days, low slung clouds, and rain on tin-roofs around the Gunnison Valley these days—a much needed, thirst-quenching storm has arrived and settled in.  A perfect excuse for warm coffee, bouquets of flowers on the table, and a book, of course. It’s also a great time to get well-versed in the foraging dos … Continue reading Wild Foods and Foraging