Mountain States Medicinal Plants

Mountain States Medicinal Plants is an accessible introduction to finding and using wild plants for health and wellness. Beginners seeking reliable advice and experienced practitioners on the hunt for new information alike will delight in the plant profiles, color photographs, step-by-step instruction for essential herbal remedies, and seasonal foraging tips.

This indispensable guide is for wildcrafters in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, the eastern parts of Washington and Oregon, northern Nevada, and the southernmost parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan.


As Briana states, “before considering any plant for consumption, be aware of possible cousins, contraindications to medicines, and poisonous look-alikes of that plant.”  Indeed, her book is chalk-full of incredible information, warnings, and the like regarding wild edible plants, but ultimately it is your responsibility as a person to know what medicines you are taking, what could react to those medications, and what you’re allergic to.  If you have serious food-related allergies, it is best to find out if certain plants are in the same family as the foods you’re allergic to.

Newly released in March of 2018