Organic Garden Guide: Pruning Lilacs

Lilacs need to be pruned regularly - at least once a year. When you prune your lilacs on a regular basis, it helps the plants to bloom profusely each year and also remain in your desired shape and size. In addition, regular pruning of the plants helps them to remain healthy and bear large bunches … Continue reading Organic Garden Guide: Pruning Lilacs

Organic Garden Guide: Renovating And Moving Lilacs

In case you have not pruned your favorite lilacs for several years and want to spruce them up, be sure that you will have to cope with a miniature jungle of suckers. In fact, pruning the lilac heavily will promote the growth of more suckers. Hence, you need to prune a dense and unkempt lilac … Continue reading Organic Garden Guide: Renovating And Moving Lilacs

Organic Garden Guide: Pests And Diseases Of Lilacs

Diseases are always harmful. When lilacs or Syringa shrubs are affected by diseases, it may cause the plants to stop blooming or reduce their number of flowers. In many cases, diseases occurring in the previous year may result in the destruction of the flower buds. In some instances, growers may take preventive or even curative … Continue reading Organic Garden Guide: Pests And Diseases Of Lilacs

A Living Herbal Apothecary

Whether you're an experienced farmer or completely new to the world of gardening, medicinal herbs offer a unique growing experience. In this article, you'll learn the steps you need to take to create a living herbal apothecary outside your door. If you have the land to cultivate and would like to grow your own herbs, … Continue reading A Living Herbal Apothecary

Our Beloved Oregon Grape

Berberis aquifolium Also, Known As: Oregon Grape Mountain Grape Not many people are aware of the interesting fact that the state flower of Oregon blooms on this beautiful shrub. Known for its attractiveness and its rapid growth, the Oregon grape is used medicinally, as well as for ornamental landscaping in several homes across the country. … Continue reading Our Beloved Oregon Grape