Our ‘Go To’ Herb: Marjoram

Not quite oregano and not quite thyme, marjoram {Origanum majorana} is one of those herbs that sit in the spice cabinet for years - decades even -  just waiting to make an appearance in some stew or stuffing where it can finally shine. Like its cousin oregano, marjoram is a member of the mint {Lamiaceae} … Continue reading Our ‘Go To’ Herb: Marjoram

Sweet Marjoram {Origanum majorana}

Also, Known As: Amaracus Annual Marjoram Knotted Marjoram Sweet Marjoram Sweet marjoram (botanical name Origanum majorana) is one of the more delicately flavored cousins of oregano. Sweet marjoram is a soft perennially growing herb that is actually cultivated in the form of an annual in the gardens in the northern hemisphere. This herb is considered to … Continue reading Sweet Marjoram {Origanum majorana}