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Anise Seed Associated with Improved Quality of Life in Patients with Postprandial Distress Syndrome

Functional dyspepsia (FD) is characterized by early satiety, uncomfortable fullness after eating (postprandial fullness) and moderate to a severe epigastric pain that persists for 12 or more weeks. These symptoms can limit work capacity, generate anxiety, and diminish the overall quality of life (QOL). Medical treatments are limited, with unpleasant side effects, and herbal medicines offer alternative treatment options. In

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Exploratory Trial Suggests Rhodiola May Benefit Prolonged or Chronic Fatigue

Fatigue is defined as feeling tired or lacking energy, emotional stability, or motivation, and/or having difficulty in concentration and memory. Prolonged fatigue is defined as fatigue lasting 1 to 6 months, while chronic fatigue lasts for > 6 months. There is no standard treatment for fatigue of unknown etiology. Treatment often involves exercise or cognitive behavioral therapy. Stress may precipitate

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