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Potential Role of Nigella in Prevention and Control of Hypertension

Nigella (Black Cumin; Nigella sativa) Hypertension Oxidative Stress Nigella (black cumin; Nigella sativa), also known by its Arabic name habat-ul sauda or habbatussauda, has been used for centuries medicinally and as a food spice throughout the Middle East, India, and Northern Africa. It is an annual flowering plant with pale blue flowers and has fruit with black, angular seeds. The

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Food as Medicine: Artichoke and Cardoon (Cynara scolymus and C. cardunculus)

History and Traditional Use Range and Habitat Artichoke and its relative cardoon are large, spiny perennials that can grow to eight feet tall with silvery, lobed leaves up to 2.5 feet in length. Each stalk of an artichoke or cardoon plant typically produces three to five flower buds. Unopened flower buds are around three to five inches in diameter and vaguely resemble

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