Your disease is under control … now what? | National Psoriasis Foundation

Here are some easy takeaways for maintaining clear skin, pain-free joints and a healthier lifestyle overall.

Source: Your disease is under control … now what? | National Psoriasis Foundation



  • Have psoriasis since I was 20. I had some flare ups when I was younger, especially after giving birth and during menopause. I started treating it with the help of my homeopath and while it never really went away totally, it improved. It finally disappeared in my late fifties after I divorced. Never had it real bad though. I am very surprised that it would increase your chance to have high blood pressure, vascular disease and such like! Thanks for your post, informative.

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    • Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

      Thank you for reading this post. I do extensive research on psoriasis for our son who has extreme flare ups and has gone through so much to try and gain some type of control. Stress is purported to have a significant role in flare ups and I’m sure once your stress levels went down your psoriasis became not as prevalent. Much to learn and, as we speak, my son is using turmeric and neem oil. The turmeric stains his clothes and the neem oil just smells ghastly. He has started taking a 1/4 tsp. of the turmeric powder everyday. We are keeping a journal of his journey with extreme psoriasis and his treatments, experiments with different remedies. Poor guy has become a 6’8 guinea pig.

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