About Piñon Pine Essential Oil

Piñon pine essential oil possesses a fabulous richness that is unique among conifer oils. Distilled from piñon pine needles wild-harvested during fire mitigation projects in Colorado's Sangre de Cristo mountains, this oil is distilled on-site at high-altitude, meaning less heat is required during distillation. The cooler distillation temperatures in turn endow this fresh, sumptuous pine … Continue reading About Piñon Pine Essential Oil

Clean ~ Naturally with Pinon and Pine Oil

As I gazed at the bushels of pine cones left over from what was a horrible harvest, my thought was what can I do with all this. I began to learn about pine as a cleaner and its natural property for health and wellness. I learned that many people had become unhappy that pine sol, … Continue reading Clean ~ Naturally with Pinon and Pine Oil