SHTF Planning: 3 Ways To Purify Water


Tess Pennington
July 26, 2016

Water is the foundation of life, and as such, water preparedness is one of the most important aspects of being prepared. That said, many are not prepared for even 1 day of water rations. Moreover, there are many who feel that storing water is a waste of time; after all, they can simply use tap water or step outside and use the water left over from storms and floods.

What they do not realize is that following a severe storm, hurricane or tornado, water is contaminated and should not be used for drinking. Flood waters are contaminated with oil, gasoline, or raw sewage which can infest city water sources and cause a number of medical issues.

It is a Fact That Hospital Visits Increase Following a Short Term Emergency

In fact, when short term emergencies occur, there is an increased number of hospital visits…

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