Elderberry Mead

2 Qt. ripe elderberries 1-gallon water 1/2 c. fresh orange peel 2 cinnamon sticks (6″) 1 tsp. vanilla (dextrose if possible) 2 Qt. honey 1/4 c. lemon peel 1 T. minced crystallized ginger 1/4 t. clove 1/4 t. allspice 2 packet of champagne yeast or 2 envelopes dry yeast   Place all ingredients except honey … Continue reading Elderberry Mead

Rejoice! A Luscious Herbal Cocktail

Verbena Simple Syrup and Verbena Margarita’s. We devised this luscious herbal cocktail for Ashley’s baby shower {along with non-alcoholic drinks}. 2 cups water 2 cups sugar Generous handful fresh lemon verbena leaves Bring all ingredients to a boil, then let cool to room temperature. Remove lemon verbena leaves – the syrup should be a light yellow-green … Continue reading Rejoice! A Luscious Herbal Cocktail

Rose Hip Tea

It’s amazing what I find on my walks around my neighborhood. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where blackberry bushes are literally everywhere and fruit trees grow on almost every street. We’re talking figs, various varieties of plums, apples, and pears. Gorgeous curbside gardens overflowing with kale, chard, and tomatoes are the norm. … Continue reading Rose Hip Tea

Homage to the ‘Wise Women.’

Most medical histories chronicle great achievements by great men: Hippocrates, the father of medicine; Galen, Rome's leading physician; William Harvey's explanation of blood circulation; Edward Jenner's inoculations against smallpox; Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory; Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin. The contributions of these men unquestionably changed the world. But from ancient times down to the present … Continue reading Homage to the ‘Wise Women.’