Our ‘Rescued’ Family Members!

I came across these photo’s in my stash {actually, hidden}. We have rescued many a furry, feathered friend over the past 40 some odd years. From cats, dogs, horses, cattle, a few bison, and scores of birds, llamas, alpacas, goats. The list has been endless. Many animals had been ‘dumped’ out by passing vehicles at an astonishing rate of speed, which in many cases, the animals did not fair well.

Here is Chloe. We found her in a ditch by our house. At first, I was not sure what we had found. She was drenched in mud and looked like a kit fox. From what we had gathered through the first year; She came from one of our neighbor’s, who at the time was raising apple headed Chihuahua’s. Chloe was not of their standards, being quite a bit ‘frizzled’ haired. Chloe is the ‘apple’ of our hearts!


We also have a few Llama’s that we ‘inherited’ when our friend died. His kids were going to have them euthanized. We found out interesting things about Llama’s our first year. They do not like ‘trespassers’ in their pastures. We have found many a critter stomped to a pulp {beyond reconginition}. A few badgers mainly.

Llamas are not clipped, sheared, they are ‘shorn’. We have Peruvian men who come once a year to ‘shorn’ them.


Peacocks who eat cat food! They will literally yank a cat away from the food.

peacocks n cat

And Quiddy! One less Yorkie breeder in Oregon. He came from a ‘breeder’ who thought an old bathtub was a great idea to ‘backyard’ breed Yorkies. I am proud to announce, she will never be in business again.

Quiddy new haircut.



  • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I like your heart 🙂
    I have over the years had many gifts left on my little 2 1/5 acres
    there are lots of days when I knew they ate better than we did,
    I always wonder if the people that throw these beautiful creatures away have children….scary thought to me…
    Thank you for you kindness in giving so many a home…one they will not surely forget
    Take Care…You Matter

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    • Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

      Thank You Maryrose! As you have mentioned about the children; A very scary note. In the photo of the peacocks, there is just the hint of an orange cat in the cat food bag. This cat was rescued as a kitten from the children of the people who had dumped Chloe. These wonderful children had been trying to drown Arthur in a pool of water by our water pump shed. Yes, in cases the children are as their parents. Our children are as we are, ‘Rescuer’s’.

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      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        I used to get frustrated for not understanding how their minds work to be so cruel to animals…then one day I realized I am grateful I don’t understand for I want to have not a thing in common with them….i will rescue they will continue you to be ….I rescued Snowball(my longtime friend with fur 🙂 ) from a child that was trying to drown him in a swimming pool…people just sat around and watched…a few days later I walked by the pool and the little girl( she was 3 at the time) had fallen in the deep end, same people sitting there, I reached over and grabbed her shirt as they watched…
        she kicked me for messing up her shirt….this was in the 8o’s I think zombies existed back then….
        Arthur is a lucky cat …and I am pretty sure he knows it 🙂
        I loved the peacocks…my geese were abandoned and came looking for food…or more likely water….they have given me many mornings of pleasure as i drink my coffee under
        the trees
        I hope you have a wonderful Sunday….